Jon Stewart. Doesn’t ‘elite’ mean ‘good’?

Doesn’t ‘elite’ mean ‘good’? Is that not something we’re looking for in a President anymore? You know what, candidates? I know ‘elite’ is a bad word in politics. You want to go bowling and throw back a few beers. But the job you’re applying for? If you get it and it goes well, they might carve your head into a mountain. If you don’t actually think you’re better than us, then what the fuck are you doing?

Not only do I want an elite President, I want someone who is embarrassingly superior to me. Somebody who speaks 16 languages and sleeps 2 hours a night in a chamber they themselves designed. I want someone like this guy [cut to photo of alien with giant, protruding brain]. ‘Sir, we’ve got a problem in Iraq!’ ‘Hold on… [imitates telepathy] It is done.’

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